The Peoria River City Bowling Hall of Fame


Hall of Fame Criteria

A.  Candidates must have been a member of the PRCUSBC for 20 years. (Previous associations such as the PWBA and GPBA association memberships are counted.)

B. Candidates cannot, or at any time been suspended by any current or former National Governing body of

C.  Candidates for Outstanding Bowler must have competed in PRCUSBC (or former GPBA or PWBA)
tournaments for 10 years.

D.  Outstanding bowler candidates must have earned a scratch (handicap for women) title in any of the
following list of events:

a. Peoria Association City Tournament (open, women’s or senior)
b. Illinois State Tournament
c. Central Illinois Tournament
d. Former C.I.C.B.A.  or Tri City Classic Tournament
e. Professional Bowling Tournament
f.  ABC/WIBC or USBC national Tournament

E. Items A or C may be waived by the PRCUSBC Hall of Fame Committee with a 2/3rd approval.
(posthumous induction)