Peoria River City Youth Bowlers



Safe Sport

SafeSport program is a United States mandated initiative put in place to protect our youth in all sports not just bowling. USBC is pushing the will  be protected at the highest level, as well as being compliant with the Olympic Safety Committee.

So we all need to embrace this concept of executing the Safe Sport program. We all can benefit from the program and it only takes 1.5 hours on your PC,Tablets or Phones and its “FREE”.

The RVP is a program that is being mandated by USBC to have all persons over 18yrs of age,
while working with our youth be RVP’d.

This program gives you a badge to let everyone know that you are RVP certified. So if you are
used to being down in the pit helping coach or develop our youth you must be certified to do so.

Just click the link above to get started and so that you know the RVP program does cost $21.25 and SafeSport is “FREE”.

Questions should be given directly to the secretary of those youth leagues. This is for the safety of all our Youth Athletes.

In School Bowling

Peoria River City setup 4 in-school lanes at the Peoria River Plex .

We have all 4 lanes filled with kids (could not have them in picture without
parent consent) so we  took the camp leaders.

There were about 60 some kids who really had a great time.

We need more places to expose children to bowling..Its Fun, exciting
and healthy.

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